Neko Atsume Tricks
Tips And Tricks To Play Neko Atsume
Neko Atsume is a game for cat lovers. In this game, you are going to understand about the nature of these cute creatures. In this game, you have to collect cats. Your cats are also going to give you gifts. You make sure that you are expecting these gifts because it is important to them. This game is designed by the Hit Point. In this game, you will be given with a backyard space where you have to feed the cats and keep them happy. You will have to play with them, but them toys and you will also have to click their pictures for portfolio. This game is in Japanese.

Understanding the game
Here are some Neko Atsume tricks that are going to help you. If you have language disabilities then there is nothing to worry. There will come a tutorial at the beginning of the game. Move forward by tapping on the arrows. You will not be able to purchase anything until you go through the tutorial. Once done you will be provided with corner space in the garden. If you are playing lone then keep the volume up as it is having the cutest music.
Things to buy
 To keep the game going you will have to purchase things for kittens. You have to give best care to kittens. You will need toys and food so that you can play with them. There are currency in the game that is gold sardines and grey sardine. You must buy food first and then go for other stuff. Food runs out quickly so keep check. The fun part comes in the toy sections.
 In the toy section, you are going to find many toys. Scratching posts, parasols, slows, yarn ball etc for your tiny kittens. You just have to tap on the paw icon. See it was so simple there s no need to worry about the Japanese language.
Buying more gold
 This is the most challenging part. If you have to take care of your cats, you will need more gold. It is recommended that you save your gold sardines. Take all the gifts from your cats and they bring them on regular basis. So make sure that you are pleasing these cats so that you get the best gift.
Neko Atsume is a good game for kids, but adults also like wasting time on it. So make sure you keep these tricks in your mind.

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